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Pinus nigra
Austrian Pine

Coniferous Trees

Large three-needled pine, 50-60 feet high by 20-40 feet wide. Tree becomes flat-topped in appearance with maturity. Dark green needles. Moderate growth rate.

Well-drained soils.

Tolerant of most environmental conditions.

Full Sun

Water Requirement

Hardiness (map)
4 to 7

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- Sandy - UT - Z 5 -

Beautiful tree. Holds up well to local climate. Has remained healthy through multi-year drought while another nearby pine shows signs of stress. Would recommend this tree, though give consideration to pine cones before growing over lawn. My tree is 20 or so years old, some 40' tall and 30' wide and in the spring drops a lot of pine cones that can not be mowed due to hardness of cones quickly dulling mower blade. I picked up all pine cones last Saturday and by this Saturday filled three 5-gallon buckets with pine cones. The rest of the year is not so bad. This is the one thing I don't like about the tree. A nice element is that the pine needles do not kill out the lawn. My lawn grows up to the base of the tree (where other pines I have kill out a large area of lawn immediately underneath, though their pine cones are less impactful). So, some give and take. This Austrian Pine provides great shade year round and is attractive.


- Cedar City - UT -

Planted bare root twigs about 1 foot high - the trees are now about 3-4 feet and truck diameter of about 2-3 inches. On drip system with deep water about once a week. Rabits munched on them during cold winter of 2006


Great tree. Tolerates my poor soil and sometimes lack of water.